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"In just a matter of three months, the Nokē smart padlock managed to make its way from Kickstarter to our Expand event as an Insert Coin contender, so of course it's rather special."

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"If you’ve got a bike, the Nokē really seems like a no-brainer."

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"While we've seen plenty of smart locks—and debated their effectiveness —this one's particularly nice for two reasons: It's made by a highly reputable design team and it's an ultraportable padlock."

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"With a clean, polished, modern look, the Nokē lock picks up any style points [competitors] lost, and then some."

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"Rather than focus on a single niche, it’s offering keyless entry to your garage or shed or yard or ladder or gym locker... where other early mover smart lock makers are aiming narrow, Nokē’s makers are going broad."

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"If you have an appreciation for minimalistic design, the Nokē padlock’s brushed metal surfaces and beveled edges are sure to please…But, most importantly, the Nokē padlock does its job of locking and unlocking with futuristic finesse."

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"Nokē, the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled padlock, is one of those hidden gems."

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"There will probably never be such a thing as "the perfect" lock, but a new Bluetooth padlock seems to come pretty close."

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"Nokē Provides a glimpse at the next generation of security devices."

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