Smart Loto is the world's most advanced lockout and procedures management system built to improve safety and productivity.

With Smart Loto our ruggedized smart locks are used to physically secure isolated energy. To protect workers Smart Loto uses a digital lockout. A worker’s digital lockout prevents secured smart locks from being unlocked. Only when every worker has removed their digital lockout can secured smart locks be unlocked to re-energize equipment.

Smart Loto uses real-time cloud-based communication to improve safety and productivity while working to reduce the occurrence and impact of human error. Smart Loto gives you real-time awareness and insight of all on-going activity from anywhere in the world.

Innovate your safety & effectiveness to empower your teams to deliver operational excellence

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Smart Loto is designed to be easy to use. A simple job to a large turnaround Smart Loto provides real-time visibility and digital record keeping of all activity. Workers can add or remove their personal digital lockout in a few easy steps. From third-party security testing to extensive system testing, we make sure Smart Loto is secure and available to get to work when you are.

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